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Today you’re going to find out if you have an Autumn business. You’ll also start to understand why knowing what colour season you and your business falls into can mean the difference between your brand visually singing to it’s customers or just plain old talking at them.

If you have an Autumn personality then you’ll like to do things a bit differently, and chances are you run your business with the same ethos. With a passionate drive for success and a love of learning, your business is a bit of a wild child; your work ethic is likely to be pretty unique and ambitious in it’s own right.

The drawback is that you often take a lot on, promising the world but not quite managing to tick off everything on the list. Yet this isn’t a negative feature to the people who already know and trust your brand; it’s an endearing characteristic that epitimises your love of growing, learning and being truly independent to everyone else.

There’s so much meaning to what you’re doing that it can sometimes be overwhelming yet it’s this substance and hard graft you put in that gives your product it’s authenticity, and that means the world to you.

Often Autumnal businesses relate to animal, nature or food in some way and are trying to do things a little differently to everyone else whilst maintaining an honest, ethical and organic service. Your business might have environmental or heritage-focused attributes in which case you’re very likely to be Autumnal. It’s your connection with nature, your surroundings and all things non-materialistic that set you firmly in an Autumnal colour palette.

 So what are Autumn’s key attributes?

Ambitious / Passionate / Independent / Creative / Authentic / Genuine / Hard-working / Ethical / Campaigning / Love to learn

What do Autumn colours and shapes look like?

Muted / Deep / Substantial / Rounded / Quirky / Unique / Smooth / Rustic / Organic / Textured / Tactile / Golds / Bronzes

As a ‘warm’ season, colours will have a hint of yellow or magenta to them, so soft creams and warm off-whites are more appropriate than crisp whites or silvers.

Knowing what colour season your business is means you’ll know how to interpret all of your attributes into powerful branding that resonates with the right people.

If you now know you have an Autumn business then let yourself take just 20 minutes to review your branding

Does it communicate all the attributes you’re most proud of? Does it emotionally engage with the right people? If not, why not?

Understanding your colour season not only opens up a world of colour possibilities for your branding but a whole host of attention to the finer details which are easy to overlook; shapes, formats, textures, fonts, patterns, layouts. Start to think about how your branding could become even more engaging if you considered your colour season.

Don’t quite feel Autumn is right for your business? Perhaps you have a Spring, Summer or Winter business?


Clever Colour Series: Summer

Last month I shared the attributes of a Spring colour personality. If you didn’t feel you connected with those colours enough then perhaps you have a Summer business?

The significance of colour and the positivity it can bring to your business branding should, in my eyes, never be ignored so I hope my Clever Colour series gets you thinking carefully about where your business fits on the colour spectrum.



Cool, understated, careful, dreamy, relaxed, romantic, organised, creative, tactful, trendy, sensual, comfortable, impressionable

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Ever wondered what impression your business colours could be giving potential customers?

Putting some careful time and consideration into answering this could really make all the difference to your brand identity, not just on a visual level but on a deeper, instinctive and more subconscious level too.

The psychology of colour has been an incredible asset to the way I design for many years and this week, with Easter just around the corner, I’d love to share with you the qualities of what might make your business a Spring business. There’s only so much I can fit into one blog post but here is a snapshot of Spring Colour Psychology traits you might feel fit comfortably with you and your business.

What are Spring’s Colour Attributes?

Warm, bright, clear, transparent, honest, uplifting, enlightening, bubbly, energetic, effervescent, creative, communicative.

There are actually 2 types of Spring colour tones; soft pastel tones that are full of light and whiteness, and vibrant saturated tones that have depth and energy. However, each tone carries the same underlying clarity and simplicity. No fuss, no grey or black, just clear honest, singular colour.

If your business is a Spring business, it’s likely you have an open, caring and communicative ethos and your interpersonal skills naturally bring people together. Being social probably plays an important part towards how you deliver your end product and you’ll always conduct everything you do with passion, enthusiasm and vigor. By always being 10 steps ahead it can sometimes feel like an organised chaos in your world but as long as you have people around you, you and your business is in a happy place.

If Spring doesn’t quite feel right for you then look out for Summer, Autumn and Winter posts over the coming weeks, plus more of Colour Psychology and just how powerful it can be for your business.

Happy Easter everyone!

Imagery inspired by Mercedes Lagunas, sillyoldsuitcase and alittledashofdarling


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