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Today someone did something very memorable for me;
they thanked me.

But not just over the phone or by email but through good old fashioned design, print and post, and although the items themselves are brilliant it’s the sentiment of sending anything in the first place that I love the most.

Well it’s a win:win isn’t it?

The sender shares their gratitude, promoting their own brand values and increasing awareness whilst the lucky recipient feels delighted, appreciated and brimming with pride. No one can lose in this equation.

So what do you do to say Thank You to the people you work with?

Are you doing enough, if anything at all?

It often only takes a small behaviour to make a lasting impression on someone’s perspective of you or your business so saying Thank You could be the one compelling behaviour you do for your business this year.

Remember, it’s not rocket science so don’t give yourself a nervous breakdown trying to think of something intricately clever and likewise, whatever you decide on doing certainly doesn’t have to break the bank but giving a little something out to those who’ve already committed to buying from you can go such a long way towards deep-rooting your relationship with them and opening new exciting opportunities.

Give yourself just 10 minutes this week to think about how you might show your appreciation to your loyal customers this year.



My very thoughtful Thank You was sent courtesy of Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist.

Not sure what to create to say Thank You from your business?

Let me help you. Drop me a line at or 07701 047433



Moo are a brilliant print company whose products, services and branding have got better and better over the last few years, and here’s one very simple reason why…

…they understand their customers.

For people like me who’ve worked with many printers over the years, Moo is the answer to my great-print, hands-free prayers. Their brand personality is brilliantly structured and their website makes ordering as easy as pie, so today, I’m sharing 7 priceless reasons why Moo left me feeling wowed and excited to use them again.

As well as this, I’m showing you a few snaps of the delicious apricot and blackcurrant jam we made last week, proudly displaying the cute little labels I created (and printed with Moo) for a dear friend Rosie; owner of a collection of stunning holiday cottages at Rockenhayne Farm.

Rosie kindly spun off some exceptional honey for our wedding last year from her hives in the depths of beautiful Branscombe.






So, here are my 7 reasons why Moo gets my print vote any day!

1 / Pristine online ordering process

It sounds obvious and maybe it is, but by streamlining their click-throughs smartly and making a search for a quick quote so simple, it’s hard to fault their online process.


2 / Great products, fast turnaround

OK, they may not have every product under the sun but I don’t mind that. It tells me they understand the demand and that they’re focusing their energy on perfecting what they know their customer’s want the most, which justifies their new gorgeous Luxe range of 600gsm card. Plus, every product I’ve ordered has arrived in my hand sooner than the expected date.


3 / Transparent design and service

Right through to the moment I’m ready to checkout, there are no surprises. No hidden costs I didn’t expect and their step-by-step ordering process made me feel confident that everything was being covered as I went along.


4 / Ability to re-upload artwork

For those of you who panic when you’ve sent something to the printers after realising there’s an error on the artwork, do not fret. Moo give you up to 2 hours to re-upload your design after you’ve ordered! As well as offering ‘realistic’ runs of cards starting from just 50, you can even have multiple different designs on the reverse at no extra cost! Genius.


5 / Friendly e-shots

Not only did I get an order confirmation within a minute of hitting submit but I had regular updates on how my order was doing. I knew when my labels were being printed, when they were finished and when they were scheduled for dispatch, without lifting a finger.


6 / Impressive packaging and print

Regardless of what product you order, it’s packaged so well. My little score-back labels came back in a smart branded wallet and my business cards in a unique flip-open box that keeps them together and tidy. It’s the small things that can make a big difference in my book.


7 / Customer Service

Despite having never spoken to anyone at Moo, their online support always leaves me believing there’s a really cool, conscientious team of ‘Moo-ers’ out there lovingly popping my labels into their branded wallet and carefully shipping them out to me.

Why on earth do I think this?

Well, the answer’s three-fold; firstly, the look and feel of their branding leads me to think so, secondly the way they talk to me through their chirpy but confident copy and thirdly, if they’ve put that much attention into the detail of their website then why wouldn’t they do the same with my little labels?


If you’re wondering, no, I don’t work for Moo 😉 I just admire how they’ve evolved their branding and service into something that really works well and is now a worthy competitor in the print industry.

OK, so they may not be right for every print job.

For instance, if I was going to print a corporate brochure or folder then I wouldn’t choose them. Whilst their print quality is good and would leave most business owners tickled pink, it’s not exceptional, so their products would only be right in certain instances but that’s exactly why the business works.

They don’t try to be all things to all people, they just get on with honing what they do best and haven’t they done well!





How well do you understand your customers?

What steps might you take to reach out to them even more effectively than you do at the moment?

Need help finding the answer? Book your free Branding Consultation with me and I’ll help you get there > / 07701 047 433

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For me, designing wedding stationery is like taking a break to eat that naughty bar of chocolate when you should be working.
It’s just heavenly.

Whilst it’s not my primary business focus, I just adore designing personal wedding invitations and stationery. Every piece is always going to be so very different to the next but beautifully personal to the couple’s big day. I treat the design process in exactly the same way I would a Brand Identity so bespoke design like this can often take longer than you would first think.

My lovely friend Carrie and her fiancĂ© Patrick asked me to help them at the start of the year with a view to having an exclusive invitation design that showcased a snippet of the magic they’ve planned for their special day this Summer; an afternoon ceremony followed by a lantern-filled, moonlit marquee reception full of twinkles, soft pink colours and champagne drinking under the stars. With clear ideas around what they wanted for their day and a mood board of colours and designs they loved, I set to work on a style that was destined to be very different to any other I’ve created.

Pat and Carrie opted for a less traditional sized card – just shy of A5 – with double-sided inserts that sat behind the main invite and were tied with a silver ribbon, in keeping with their sparkly, glamorous evening theme. I’m so looking forward to seeing their plans come to life and celebrating with them this September.

Big congratulations to the happy couple!








Let the dress shopping commence! 🙂




OK, I admit it. I’m a bit of a beach girl when it comes to fashion and it’ll therefore be unsurprising to learn I’ve signed up to every mailing list you can imagine; Fat Face, White Stuff, Sea Salt, Roxy, I could go on. But my interest isn’t just in their clothing (although that plays an important role of course!) but what I get through the door and delivered to my inbox is often pretty darn cool.

Needless to say, this gorgeous mailer landed on my doormat this morning and I was bowled over at how beautiful it was; the design, the concept, the thickness of the card and the clear level of thought that had gone into something simply qualified as a throw-away item. I’m a big fan of anything printed on uncoated card so that was a win straight away and the fact they’ve tapped into the office aeroplane idea is cute for someone who just wants 5 minutes away from their desk.

Cliché? Of course it is but who cares?

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