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Colours / Textures / Patterns / Typography

Your business already has a voice.

It shines through in ways you may take for granted; the way you answer the phone, the smile you always present when someone walks through the door, the grafting you put in that your customers don’t see, the cheeky banter that comes naturally with your selling style, the values that are built into your character and reflect the way you work.

Whatever your business attributes may be, if you could capture them all in one visual snapshot what would that look like?

All of that passion and belief you have in your product needs to resonate with new and existing customers and knowing how to position this in a visual context can be a challenge, but get it right and you’ll have customers lining up to work with you.

When you invest in my Brand Styling I’ll help you get clarity around what your business ethos and attributes actually are and how they’ll be best interpreted into tangible design. After your complimentary Branding Consultation I’ll create a Vision Board that sets the creative tone and direction before design starts, getting a feel for the right colours, fonts and design styles that will accentuate the qualities you’re most proud of.

To book your complimentary, one hour Branding Consultation just email or call 07701 047 433

Logo Design / Icon Design / Colour Psychology / Illustration & Pattern Development / Stationery Design / Brochure & Catalogue Design / Promotional Marketing Design