With a passion for classic seasonal floristry, a degree in psychology  and an incredibly eye for all things creative, Rebecca  started her business The Bespoke Florist   in Oxfordshire.

Like many new business owners keen to get going, she put together a  brand identity herself  with a view to keeping costs as low as possible for the first year or so. Now a couple of  years on, her business is growing fast  and  her branding has been left for  dust!

Rebecca wanted to feel proud of her branding,  as proud and confident as she felt working with flowers and to be able to hold her head high when emailing a proposal or sending someone to her website.

As her business has evolved, Rebecca’s developed and honed her own bespoke  floristry style so much so she’s now ready to redefine her business image.

She approached me last year to help her get her branding to the next level – a level that would communicate her business values and personality  in an honest light, allowing her to be more selective about  who she works with and relish any chance to push her floristry  skills  even further.

Here’s how the new brand identity unfolded…





Logo & icons












Patterns & textures





Brand fonts




Proposal cover





Let me introduce Career On Your Terms, founded and directed by Rikke Hansen  –  a frank London based business advisor helping ambitious individuals either  change career or focus their  entrepreneurship on building a successful business of their own.

Rikke doesn’t do things by half! Her honest, direct and powerful approach to the way she works gets you sitting up straight in your seat, buzzing with motivation and geared up for exciting change. Her rebrand has been an important step towards targeting more strong-minded, career focused employees who’ve found themselves stuck in high-ranking jobs that pay well but don’t satisfy their needs.


Logo Design, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Corporate Identity





The new look has been a joy to design and I’m proud to say features in the amazing How To Style Your Brand book by Fiona Humberstone. Do make sure you order your copy if you’re looking to brand or rebrand your business – it’s a brilliant resource for anyone keen to understand how to engage their ideal audience through compelling design.





You can Tweet Rikke on @TheRikkeHansen or visit Career On You Terms, Rikke Hansen


Kate and Mandy are at the creative forefront of a busy, thriving sustainability team in Luton who are brilliant at coming up with remarkable green solutions for companies in the retail sector such as Waitrose, Fresh Olive and Center Parcs.

They asked me to create a new Brand Identity that was an honest reflection of them and their business values, one that resonated with the right people and could be carried smoothly through to a new website design. They’ve both been a joy to work with and I’m very proud to say that their new identity is lucky enough to have it’s very own feature in Fiona Humberstone’s incredible best seller ‘How to Style Your Brand‘; an amazingly insightful resource to have at your fingertips if you’re branding or rebranding your business.

Let me share the Veris design journey with you…






Case Study Design, Making Waves, Caroline Harrison

Logo & Brand Identity Design, Making Waves, Caroline Harrison

Logo & Brand Identity Design, Making Waves, Caroline Harrison

Website Design Caroline Harrison, Making Waves

You can visit the new Veris website here



Wowsers. I never thought I’d be saying this but I’m very proud and honoured to be featuring in the latest amazing book by Fiona Humberstone, How to Style your Brand. I’m lucky enough to have bagged not one but two design features in the book and I’m humbled to have my work sitting next to so many other incredible designers, some of whom I’ve admired for years. What a thrill!

If you’re a business owner keen to understand the process if creating a truly effective brand with your designer, or indeed a fellow designer looking to sharpen up your approach, snap up your copy of How to Style your Brand here and gain an expert’s workbook you’ll find utterly inspiring.

I’ll be revealing my featured work here next month so stay tuned!

Shot of the author by Katie Spicer  /  Featured photo by Fiona




Today someone did something very memorable for me;
they thanked me.

But not just over the phone or by email but through good old fashioned design, print and post, and although the items themselves are brilliant it’s the sentiment of sending anything in the first place that I love the most.

Well it’s a win:win isn’t it?

The sender shares their gratitude, promoting their own brand values and increasing awareness whilst the lucky recipient feels delighted, appreciated and brimming with pride. No one can lose in this equation.

So what do you do to say Thank You to the people you work with?

Are you doing enough, if anything at all?

It often only takes a small behaviour to make a lasting impression on someone’s perspective of you or your business so saying Thank You could be the one compelling behaviour you do for your business this year.

Remember, it’s not rocket science so don’t give yourself a nervous breakdown trying to think of something intricately clever and likewise, whatever you decide on doing certainly doesn’t have to break the bank but giving a little something out to those who’ve already committed to buying from you can go such a long way towards deep-rooting your relationship with them and opening new exciting opportunities.

Give yourself just 10 minutes this week to think about how you might show your appreciation to your loyal customers this year.



My very thoughtful Thank You was sent courtesy of Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist.

Not sure what to create to say Thank You from your business?

Let me help you. Drop me a line at or 07701 047433




Introducing Imaginista; a creative marketing support business based in Guildford, Surrey.

If you missed Imaginista’s first post on my blog you can catch up here, and for those already to up-to-date here’s a reminder of the moodboard and colour palette I posted earlier this week:




So now’s your chance to get involved! Which concept is your favourite?







































WHICH CONCEPT WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Don’t forget to vote below.

Like brand elements from each? Leave a comment and tell us your feedback 🙂

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