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Brand Identity for The Bespoke Florist, Oxfordshire

With a passion for classic seasonal floristry, a degree in psychology  and an incredibly eye for all things creative, Rebecca  started her business The Bespoke Florist   in Oxfordshire.

Like many new business owners keen to get going, she put together a  brand identity herself  with a view to keeping costs as low as possible for the first year or so. Now a couple of  years on, her business is growing fast  and  her branding has been left for  dust!

Rebecca wanted to feel proud of her branding,  as proud and confident as she felt working with flowers and to be able to hold her head high when emailing a proposal or sending someone to her website.

As her business has evolved, Rebecca’s developed and honed her own bespoke  floristry style so much so she’s now ready to redefine her business image.

She approached me last year to help her get her branding to the next level – a level that would communicate her business values and personality  in an honest light, allowing her to be more selective about  who she works with and relish any chance to push her floristry  skills  even further.

Here’s how the new brand identity unfolded…





Logo & icons












Patterns & textures





Brand fonts




Proposal cover





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  • Susanne says:

    This is a very beautiful brand design!

    Is is all summer personality – or is there is mix of another season? If so, can you say what elements belong to the subordinated season?

    I am curious – can you have more or less any colour (except black and white) in i.e. summer personality- as long as you make sure it is a muted version of the colour?

    Great work you do!

    • Caroline says:

      Thanks Susanne 🙂

      Rebecca’s branding was very much a Summer business through and through. You can actually have every colour in any one season, it’s just the TONE of it that determines the season. For instance, there are many variations of black so it’s knowing which one to pick that will work with that season. Typically Summer colours are muted (have grey in them) so it’s version of black will be a dark grey. Likewise Spring’s version of black will be a cool lighter grey with a white base.

      There are so many levels to colour it’s impossible to explain it all in one post (!) but you’ll find ‘How to Style Your Brand’ by Fiona Humberstone a really helpful resource for colour if you don’t have it already http://www.amazon.co.uk/How-Style-Your-Brand-Distinctive/dp/0956454534

      Fiona and I worked together for many years and our understanding of colour plays a huge part in creative direction and how I design. I hope this helps Susanne and sorry for the delay! Do get in touch if you need some help with your brand design 🙂 Caz

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