About Caz


Always with a warm smile and a kind word, Caz is genuinely passionate about delighting and supporting her clients.

The daughter of hoteliers, hospitality comes naturally and her innate ability to make people feel welcome and comfortable makes her a true joy to work with.

But don’t assume that’s all you get with this mild mannered and modest designer. There is a lot more to Caz Harrison than meets the eye. She’s well travelled, well read and well educated, always seeking to satisfy her thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world. A love of history, architecture and nature, coupled with an adventurous spirit, guarantees she’s never short on inspiration.

Peak Hill, Sidmouth, Devon

Peak Hill, Sidmouth, Devon


"I have high standards, I only work with the best, and those people I can trust, not only to deliver excellence but to be a joy to work with. Caz is not only exceptional at what she does, she really cares about her clients being happy and delivering a beautiful and commercially relevant design. I am thrilled to have her in my corner."

Elizabeth, the Empowered Entrepreneur 


Caz’s dedication to her clients means she never does things by halves and she will always go the extra mile to see a job well done. Her love of process and an engineering mindset are the perfect complement to Caz’s creative flair, ensuring that all her designs are not only beautiful and captivating, but flawlessly thought through and effective.

Caz has been designing since 2004 and her ties with London and Surrey from her base on the Devon coast means she is ideally situated and well connected to best serve her global family of clients.

She has a wealth of experience, notably her years with one of the industries leading Surrey-based branding agencies, as a Studio and Creative Manager.

Caz has extensive experience as a Brand Identity Director and Designer, and is driven to serve ambitious, creative lifestyle brands who are elevating or rebranding and really want to make waves in their industry.


If you are an ambitious business owner looking for an incredible brand, let’s talk.


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