The perfect chance for us to meet & talk about your plans.


If I haven’t yet worked on your Brand Identity then I’ll need some time to understand you, your business and the exciting ideas you have about your online communication. My complimentary one hour consultation gives me time to meet you, discuss your brief in detail and agree a way forwards so I have everything I need to start your project should you like to go ahead.

The core part of your consultation will require you to think carefully about the journey you want your visitors to experience and how you want your web platform to look and feel, the rest will be about understanding your business ethos, values, attributes and work ethic so I can determine how to interpret all of your qualities visually. I’ll ask you some challenging questions that get you thinking about your business’s visual impression in ways you perhaps haven’t thought about before and I’ll gather a clear plan of what you need to get things started.

I work with people around the world so Skype or FaceTime are brilliant tools that can bring us together if we’re not able to meet in person.
To book your meeting just drop me an email on
studio@makingwavescreative.com or call 07701 047 433

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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